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Chinese lunar chart | Chinese pregnancy chart

Astrology – the Mystic Science.

Indian AstrologyPlanets play a vital role in Science.

Of course as per Indian Astrology – Planets determines our Future.

From Lagna, which Sthanaa is being occupied by the Planet determines the fate of the human beings.

A combination of Mars and Saturn states the effect of lost peace and destruction.

But combinations of planets are being calculated by checking out various points.

Know your fate. Get the Pre-determined calculations about your Future.

You can get your Birth chart predictions in the most accurate way.

Email us on the following ids to get your Computerized Birthchart and to know the best predictions about your Horoscope.

Our Email id : astrologypredictionsindiaa@gmail.com

Chinese lunar chart

This ancient Chinese pregnancy calendar was allegedly discovered by a Chinese scientist about 700 years ago in a tomb near Beijing. This pregnancy calendar is supposed to determine baby's gender based upon mother's age and the month of conception!

Use this conception chart if mother is/was between the ages of 18 and 45 at the time of conception. Some sources say this Chinese Conception Chart is 93% accurate and some other reports suggest that this chart has slightly better than 50/50 accuracy.

The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart, also known as the Chinese Lunar Calendar or The Chinese Birth Chart, is therefore considered one of the oldest methods of predicting the sex of a child before its birth. This 7,000-year-old chart, which is said to have been devised by an ancient Chinese scientist, was apparently discovered buried in a tomb near Beijing about 700 years back. At present, the original chart is in the Institute of Science in Beijing.


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