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Color of the Palms | Color of the Hands

I have 'clubbed thumbs'. What does that mean about me?"

For those who don't know, a "clubbed thumb" has a short stubby end zone with a disproportionate nail.Sometimes the nail is overly broad and sometimes it is excessively narrow.

There are varying degrees of this condition. In an extreme case, the overall look is course and thick and it may look damaged because it does not match the other fingers.

The clubbed Thumb shows a brutal nature . For more details contact us .

We offer predictions in the Fields of Indian astrology, palmistry and Numerology in the most accurate way.

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The Color of the Palms

The color of the palms and the lines is determined primarily by the circulation of the blood and is controlled by the mental and physical condition of the individual. Thus, if a person is feeling blue, the hand will be whiter ( with a slight bluish tinge). If they’re feeling obust, the had will be pin, If the circulation is too robust, the color will be red. If you rub your palms together briskly, their circulation is increased and they will become redder.

The room temperature, tool plays a role in the color of the hands.Be certain to take all these contributing factors into consideration when nothing the color of the hands. Don’t assume a palm is always the same – its color can change.A slightly pink palm, warm and fairly elastic to the touch, is the healthiest type of all. These people are in good spirits most of the time and have pleasant personalities.

Pale or almost white palms ( usually with a tinge of blue) signify an introverted personality carried to the extreme. These individuals tend to be introverted personality carried to the extreme. These individuals tend to be selfish and unsympathetic. When reading the hand of someone with this colorless indication, check for other markings to see whether this is a significant part of their personality or only temporary, such as a short – term depression.

A yellowish palm belongs to an individual with a melancholy nature. Again, look for other signs to see whether it is only temporary.The reddish palm belongs to the passionate, quick – tempered person. This can be a temporary state. If, however, other markings indicate a quick temperament , the red colored palm is just another indicator of this.

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