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Free Online Palmistry Lessons | Free Online Past Life Readings


Palmistry Try the Interactive Karmic Analysis Receive a 16-page hand analysis comparing your past and present - helping you create a better future.

Call for a personalized one-on-one Palmistry Telephone Consultation with one of our professional palmists.

Contact us on the following email id: astrologypredictionsindiaa@gmail.com

Free Online Palmistry Lessons

This primer is intended as a broad overview for the particular scholar, who shall discover within the secrets and mysteries of cheiromancy, the science of divination through flexion creases and the channels of energy therein.

Alas, it is not complete, as no work in palmistry ever is; instead, this should serve as the foundation upon which the reader shall broaden his faculties.

Indeed, though it cover both the mounds of the hand and the very lines that form the basis of divination, some may dismiss this primer for its want of other vital disciplines, namely cheirognomy, its dearth being quite apparent to the well-informed scholar.

Offering: A Basic Overview of the Palm.

The Meaning of Right and Left Hands. Common Synonyms for the Mounts and Lines.

The Mounts. Individual Markings on the Hand.

The Lines. Disciplines being Lacking in this Treatise and Palmistry References.

Free Online Past Life Readings is the study of the lines and signs of the hands. Your palm print is the blueprint of your life.

It tells everything about you - past, present, future, health and more. Everything on your palm means something even the nails and color tones of the skin.

When I 'read' somebody in my home, I do a palm prints for my client. During the reading, as I am guided, I will take a magnifying glass and see what words, numbers, images, are depicted on a specific aspect of the print. I label every aspect of the palm print for my client.


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