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Linda goodman's sun signs |Linda goodman's zodiac signs

I have 'clubbed thumbs'. What does that mean about me?"

For those who don't know, a "clubbed thumb" has a short stubby end zone with a disproportionate nail.

Sometimes the nail is overly broad and sometimes it is excessively narrow.

There are varying degrees of this condition. In an extreme case, the overall look is course and thick and it may look damaged because it does not match the other fingers.

The clubbed Thumb shows a brutal nature . For more details contact us .

We offer predictions in the Fields of Indian astrology, palmistry and Numerology in the most accurate way.

Our Email id: astrologypredictionsindiaa@gmail.com

Linda goodman's sun signs, Linda goodman's star signs :

Find out about your zodiac sign meaning to help you in the business world, friendships, dating and life in general..Take a peek into the mind of others, find out why they do what they do and the reason behind their motives.It is believed that each person born under a specific star sign will exhibit similar personality traits pertaining to that sign. For this reason people born under one star sign may get on better with people born under the same star sign or another star sign. The Zodiac Signs article series give in-depth information about each of the 12 zodiac signs.

They illustrate how we experience all 12 signs, not just the sign we were "born under," which is called our " Sun sign.When you have the Sun, Moon or planet in a particular sign, the qualities of that sign are emphasised in your personality and life experience, according to the areas of life symbolised by the planet and sign in question.

So, although you might have the Sun in Gemini, your Moon might be in Leo, Mars might have been in Taurus, and so on.An individual's sun sign represents the core of his individuality and personality.A sun sign is like a sketch done on canvas before all the colors, shades, and particulars are filled in.So go ahead and read on to know more about yourself ,your future life and compatibility with your partner!

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