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Line of Fate | Line of Life


PALM + HISTORY = PALMISTRY - The Major and Minor Lines of a Hand clearly explains the Future of the self.

Heart line reaches the Mount of Jupiter clearly denotes the concerned individual is ambitious, self motivated, having the ability to succeed.

Head line joined together with the Heart Line during the start makes it clear that the concerned individual is bit sensitive, emotional and always very cautious in making the moves.

The Lines of our Hand clearly exposes our Future.

Life is pre-determined and God has given us lot many ways to know what our Real life is.

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The Line of fate is sometimes called the Line of Saturn , since its most natural place is heading up from the wrist in the direction of Saturn ( middle finger), It usually runs parallel to the Line of Life in the lower portion of the hand.

Sometimes it ends high up on the hand near the fingers. Frequently it doesn’t travel that far, but ends in the middle of the palm. Actually, when the line appears to stop here, it indicates a late beginning to a career, so it must be seen as heading downward toward the wrist.

There are two major beginnings for the Line of Fate : one at the wrist, heading toward Saturn, and the other, beginning in the middle of the palm and heading down toward the wrist. This can be confusing, but the line is one of the most interesting ones regarding the paths we take in life. Other variations on this will be explained in this section.

The Fat Line speaks more of the person’s mental attributes than the physical, which is the domain of the Line of Life. A person can have other lines that appear weak, but a strong Line of fate will overshadow those weaknesses.


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