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What are My Luck Numbers | What are My Lucky Numbers for Today

What is your success potential?

Who is your best mate?

Are you a leader?

Are you in best career?

What your right hand reveals through Hand Analysis.

Know about your hands and know about your fate.

Contact us on the following email id: astrologypredictionsindiaa@gmail.com

What are My Luck Numbers

Tell me my lucky number, I hear you cry!

We all have one, that much I guess you already know.

But how does anyone work that out with a degree of accuracy?

If it is a number as opposed to a lucky anything else that you are after then it makes sense that you ask a Numerologist.

Our thing is all things numerological so we know what we are talking about!

There is a little bit of very easy maths to do first but then I can tell you a snippet of your potential and a list of those all important digits for you.

First we have to work out your Destiny number which can be worked out by adding the whole of your date of birth together and then reducing it to a single digit ( unless it comes to 11 or 22 - leave these as double digits as they're Master Numbers)

For example - 19th January 1952 becomes:

1+9+1+1+9+5+2=28/2+8=1 (One)


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