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Head lines|Life Lines


PALM + HISTORY = PALMISTRY - The Major and Minor Lines of a Hand clearly explains the Future of the self.

Heart line reaches the Mount of Jupiter clearly denotes the concerned individual is ambitious, self motivated, having the ability to succeed.

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Kinds of Line - Some other facts are being explained in this connection.
Small Line : Short age.
Yellow and wide line : sickness and controversial character.
Red Line : Feeling of violence.
Thin line : Unexpected death.
Chained line : delicate body
Broken line : Sickness
Ladder like line : Sickness throughout life.
Commencing from under

The mount of Jupiter : grand success
In close contact with
Head line : life full of wisdom.
Junction of Head and
Heart and life lines : unfortunate personality
In set deep line : uncourteous behavior.
Star near Heath and
Head lines : Childessness.
Distinct line : life full of tuberculosis
Cluster of branches at
The point of origin : unsettled life.
Kinds of Line - Branches between the
Lines : life full of tuberculosis.
Kinds of Line - Branches at the terminal
Point : old age full of difficulties.

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