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What do the lines on the palm of your hand mean|what does it mean when your palms itch

What is the Meaning of Palmistry?

what do the lines on the palm of your hand mean - what does it mean when your palms itch and So what does it mean if you dream about getting a palmistry reading? Dream dictionaries seem to disagree. Compare these 2 interpretations:

what does my birth date say about me? To dream that you are having your palms reads, represents your life goals and ambition. The dream shows how you want to live your life and where you want to be headed.

Palmistry: If you dream of having your palms read then you are in danger of becoming an object of suspicion and ridicule over some matter that you may have gossiped about.

The Seven main lines are:

The Life Line - It is also called as "Paternal line or Age line". This has the greatest importance on a palm. Everything in life is in the line. The life line commences from under the Mount of Jupiter and originates from the side of the palm near the thumb and the index finger surrounding the Mount of Venus and ultimately ends at the bracelets. This line is seen in all human beings. A person's age, health, sickness and all can be known from this line.

The Head Line - what does my birth date say about me? This line starts from the Mount of Jupiter or from above it.In most of the plams, the head line and the life line originate from the same place. The Head line divides the palm into two parts.

If the line is long, deep and distinct, then the person would have a sharp mind and would be an intellectual. If it is faint, indistinct or appears broken at several places then the person would be weak-minded or a labourer. The study of a person's brain is done with the help of the Head line.

The Heart Line - This line starts from under the Mount of Mercury, separating the areas of Mercury and Harshala, reaching under the index finger and the Mount of Jupiter. This line is directly linked to the heart and is found in almost all palms. This line is absent in robbers and cruel people. If the line is weak, then the person would be inhuman or merciless.

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