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Palmistry reading|palmistry the line of simian

Palmistry past lives

Palmistry reading - palmistry the line of simian, past lives and Explore past lives, discover soul mates and spirit guides, and gain insight into your karmic potential with the help of Karmic Palmistry. Written by an expert with over twenty years of experience reading palms, this is the only book that focuses on using palmistry to discover your unique spiritual development path for this lifetime.

At birth, both of your palms are very similar, representing your genetic and karmic potentials. As you mature, your dominant hand changes to reflect the direction your life actually takes, while the passive hand shows what you were meant to be.

Look at the lines in your own palms. Is the right hand significantly different from the left? If so, you will find this book especially useful. Learn how to identify your karmic talents, gifts, and challenges. Your spiritual blueprint is in the palm of your hand-decipher it, and you can use its guidance to create a successful and meaningful life.When the following planets are retrograde in your chart it may be indicative of something that happened to you in a past life.

MARS : When Mars is retrograde in your chart in indicates you were a soldier in a past life. But more interesting is that you did not agree with the war you were fighting. You were called upon to do things against your beliefs and will.

I often find this past life situation in people who had past lives as American soldiers in Vietnam.

MERCURY : When Mercury is retrospective in your chart it is indicative of a past life where there was no freedom of speach and people were persecuted for their words. I often find this in people who had past lives during the catholic inquisition.The lesson in this life is to speak out against injustice and to stand up for freedom of speach.

VENUS : When Venus is retrograde in your chart it indicates that you and your soul mate have been kept apart in previous incarnations due to a dark force. In this incarnation you will probably experience the same problems in trying to be with your soul mate due to these same forces.People with this past life situation often have difficulties in this life in relationships.

JUPITER : When Jupiter is retrograde in your chart it indicates a past life where you were persecuted for your religeous beliefs. I often see this in people who had past lives in the cather church, celtic church and other religeons who were persecuted by the roman catholic religeon.

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