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Spatulate Hand | Spatulate Hand with Square Fingers


The spatulate hand resembles the square hand, but is broader either at the wrist or at the base of the fingers, giving it the shape of a spatula.

While the hand may appear to be clumsy, the mind behind the hand can be the cleverest of all if other manifestations are present.

People with this hand are full of energy, action, independence and ideas. They are the inventors – the New Wave people among us.

They love challenge and are original with their ideas. They are often misunderstood because of their preoccupation with problem – solving.

They always have a better way of doing things, and even though they are frequently correct, they often alienate those who prefer the safer roads of life.If the broad development is at the base of the fingers, they are practical in their inventiveness. When the broad part is near the wrist, the ideas aren’t as practical.

A soft, spongy, spatulate hand means that the person is restless by nature but lacks discipline to accomplish goals.The spatulate hand with square fingers, that is, fingers that are rather blunted, might detract a bit from the inventiveness of a person with a spatulate shaped palm, but they will always find uses for heir creativity.

Their ideas may not be as inspired as those of people with conic and spatulate fingertips, but because they are such hard workers and stick to the tasks at hand, they will follow through on them.

When asked to design a new product for a specific use, they will work diligently to produce it, whereas the person with spatulate hands and spatualte shaped fingertips will often come up with something altogether different useful, but not what the boss wanted.

The spatulate hand with fingers is the true dreamer, the inventor who makes his work his life. Ideas abound, and the mind is always clicking. Their owners struggle with ordinary, day to day living ; they just don’t have time for routine.

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