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Types of Fingers | Ring Finger

The Ring Finger

The ring finger, called Apollo, is identified with the Greek sun god, His twin sister, Artemis, became associated with the moon, and both are depicted as warrior types in Greek mythology. Apollo also represents the finger of beauty and the arts.

It promises creativity when of good size and is frequently found on the hands of successful artists, musicians and writers.

However, when it is longer than the index finger, it indicates some one who has trouble hanging onto money.Compulsive gamblers have this extra long finger of Apollo.

When the ring finger and index finger are of equal length, the person does well handling personal finances.

The Middle Finger

The middle finger is named after Saturn, an early Roman agricultural god who later became associated with Kronos, a powerful Greek father god – a judge and ruler. While the names and attributes are largely interchangeable in mythology, in palmistry Saturn is symbolic of “the judge”.

A well balanced Saturn, just slightly longer than the fingers on either side of it, marks a well balanced person with a keen moral sense. However, when the finger in exceptionally long and quite thick, the person has a melancholy nature and is fond of somber music.

The Romans didn’t like to wear rings on the finger of Saturn be cause they considered it the digitus infamus (finger of infamy – bad repulation ).

To the hand – reader , through, wearing a ring or rings on this middle finger merely signifies a melancholy and often moody person.If the subject wears rings on this digit on both hands, especially if the finger seems thicker than the others, it points up the individual’s morbidity.

The Index Finger

The index finger, known for its link to the god f gods, Jupiter, stands for power and authority and the ability to use it correctly.Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek god Zeus, who certainly loved his power and spread his progeny throughout the world of gods and men at a very rapid rate.

In palmistry, a lengthy finger of Jupiter is symbolic of leadership ability, especially when it is longer than Apollo, the ring finger.The investing rings of bishops, cardinals and popes are placed on the index finger, the digit of power and authority.When the finger is nearly as long as or longer than Saturn it denotes an overbearing nature.These people have leadership ability but tend to overuse it, becoming domineering and excessively aggressive.It can still be a good sign if other markings ( which will be discussed in later chapters ) are good.

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