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Shubh Yog | Budh Yog

Shubh Yog or Auspicious Combination

Definition : If the right hand has a developed mount of Saturn and the fate line is there clearly then the person has ‘Shubh Yog.

Result : A person who has ‘Shubh Yog’ in his palm becomes a famous orator and can fascinate the public.

Such a person having this Yog is capable of getting from the Public whatever he desires. His speech is enchanting and he is adept in the art of getting favor from the public. Such a person has a fascinating and splendid personality.

Note : A person bestowed with the ‘Shubh Yog’ has a rise in fate away from his birth place.

Budh yog or Business Combination

Definition : If the mount of Mercury is developed in it self in the right hand and a bow marked line reaches the mount of Mercury from the mount of Moon.

This line should not be very thick, then it marks Budh Yog in a person’s hand.

Result : One who has the Budh Yog he gets success through business. He never lacks wealth or honor. Physically he keeps fit and looks attractive.

He spreads his business abroad buy his efforts. Such a person takes quick decision and has a healthy mind. He is very clever and wise and destroys his enemies.

Note : It is to be noted in this yog that the person has a developed mount of Mercury. It should be reddish and should be on its own position. It should neither be out of the palm nor be inclined toward the Sun.

Definition : Person who has a naturally developed mount of Mars and the Head line and the fate lines are full length, straight and clear then that person has Indra Yog in his palm.

Result : A person who has Indra Yog in his hand, is strong, clever and successful in warfare. Such a person gets a high post in Military or Police and leads the life of a king. Such a person is clever in conversation and has affable and simple nature. His fate Raj Yog rises after twenty eighth year f his life.

Note : This is like Raj Yog s it has been experienced that the person who has this Raj Yog, dies prematurely. But such a person becomes famous in the short span of his life. His honor spreads far and wide. Materially such people do not lack anything. Such persons get full respect, reputation and fame in their lives.

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